Sneak Peek

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Presenting the à la carte menu of sections and topics.

Section 1.

Where you'll meet ANTZI and be forced to answer the critical question: Do you want to be an active Health & Safety Rep?

Section 2.

The journey to becoming an active H&S Rep.

Section 3.

D.I.Y. means education and empowerment through self-development.

Section 4.

Find out what proactive action means and become an H&S Rep who finds and seizes opportunities.

Section 5.

The "B" of the ABC's. We tell you why it's so important and take you on a journey of self-discovery.

Section 6.

Power in numbers and safety in numbers - the double bonus of teamwork. You too can have it.

Section 7.

Problem-solving. Everyone can. We break it down for you.

Section 8.

We get our teeth into risk and the cornerstone of our disruptive approach to a safer workplace.

Section 9.

We wrap up with our call to action: Just Do Something Safe and #MySafetyMovement.


Supplementary information, such as how to use this guide, a glossary, FAQ's and more.